Small Brochures

    Small Brochures


    Brochures are ideal when you want to elaborate on ideas related to your business. By allowing you to give a more detailed description of your products and services, a brochure is able to convey a more personal message than a standard flyer normally could.

    With an almost unlimited choice of paper, ink colour and design, your brochure should be something that people want to read and hold on to. Whether describing the various positive points of your business or itemizing the items that you sell, a brochure is a great sales tool.

    Depending on how you plan on displaying your brochure, there are a number of folding options to help you maximize your display area. If you want them mailed, Super Printers can handle that for you as well. Printed, folded and mailed - your brochure will soon be on its way to all your potential clients.


    Explore the Possibilities for Brochures

    Make a memorable flyer or brochure. They are perfect for communicating your next promotion or event, and are great sources of information.

    • Event or location maps

    • New product information tri-folds

    • Corporate information

    • Travel information

    • Policy update handouts

    • Services menu

    • Program brochure


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