Outdoor Signs

What do your signs say about you?

You walk into your business day in and day out and can easily overlook what might be obvious to someone else. An old and torn banner or a peeling window cling can say so much about your place of business. And with 83% of consumers searching for local businesses online, and 90% of those having visited a local business after an online search, your storefront must match your online appearance and draw them inside.

Make a big impact for your visitors, and make sure your signage is:

  • Iconic to your brand or company — Your logo should be clearly visible, and colors should complement your other marketing collateral.
  • Easy to read — Five to seven words is more than enough. Too many words lessens the impact and adds confusion.
  • Beautiful — Yes, everyone’s idea of what’s attractive is different, and what’s appropriate for a gym will be different than, say, a spa. Your signs, posters and banners should be well-kept, clean and present a good impression of your brand and your business.
With the recent advances in large format printing technology, large posters and banners are now more affordable than ever, are easier and quicker to produce. Banners, posters, window clings and displays are available in any size or shape you can imagine. It is worth the investment for a storefront that absolutely compels those new customers through the door.

Need to update your outdoor presence? We’ve got you covered.