Offset Printing

Offset printing is the ideal choice for large run prints.

Or when only the very highest quality will do. We’re the offset printing Vancouver experts.

Our Presstek DI press ensures that your images will be colour accurate and crystal clear from the first image to the last. The Presstek system is also more environmentally friendly than a conventional, chemistry-based 4 colour press so the environmental footprint is relatively small.

Offset printing is the cheapest and most widely used form of commercial printing, for printing in large quantities. If you require less than 500 copies, or if you require same-day rush printing, then you will typically want to look at our digital printing products instead. Offset printing carries distinct advantages over other print-methods: consistently high image quality, more consistent colour reproduction, less ink bleed and sharper image quality, more durable and longer lasting prints.

Looking to learn more about the difference between digital and offset? We made a quick guide.