Direct Mail

Personal, Direct and Powerful

For a hard-working communication channel that’s targeted, personal, flexible, measurable, easy to produce and cost-effective, look no further than direct mail. According to the U.S. Postal Service, direct mail is read by 77% of adult consumers. Add to that the fact that 85% of households sort their mail every day, and it’s clear that direct mail marketing can get you noticed.

While not complicated, handling a mailing can be time consuming. Add in a few key considerations that can save time and money and an extra set of hands can come in handy. It starts with designing and printing to meet postal requirements and to reduce mailing costs. Further savings can be found in quality, targeted mailing lists that speak to the right audience and minimize waste from un-deliverables.

Sales letters, direct mail offers, new product introductions and customer newsletters all go to work for you faster when they reach their destination sooner. Research shows 84% of Canadian consumers take some sort of action from personalized direct mail and 68% of Canadians read their mail as soon as it’s received. Let us help guide you through the many ways to simplify your mailings.

The Facts About Direct Mail

The truth is direct mail marketing has never been more effective. Why else would digital leaders including Google and Fab embrace it in their own marketing programs? Forty percent of consumers say they have tried a new business after receiving direct mail, and 73% say they prefer printed mailings over emails to learn about new products and services or offers from companies they know.

Get your next direct mail campaign into the mail stream faster and into the right hands with:

Direct Mail Addressing
Unaddressed Admail
Mailing List Consulting and Management
Postal Specifications
Sealing and Pre-sorting

To get your message directly into the hands of your best prospects and customers, direct mail can’t be beat. And, we’ve got the experience and the technology to make it happen with you. Talk to us!