Sustainability at Super Printers

We believe that protecting our resources — water, air, and forests — is critically important. Our commitment is to leave the smallest footprint possible and to help our customers do the same, so we look for ways to reduce, reuse, and recycle.

A short list of our sustainability initiatives:

  • FSC CERTIFIED – Super Printers received their FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) Chain of Custody certification in 2011.  FSC is an organization which tracks and ensures sourcing of papers from responsibly managed forests.  Super Printers New West is proud to offer FSC Certified printed materials for customers who are concerned about their environmental footprint.  Carrying the FSC-certification logo on your print products tells the world that you support the highest social and environmental standards in the market where you use paper. Your purchase of FSC-certified paper and print products contribute to conservation, responsible management, and community level benefits for people near the forests that provide your paper.
  • Deliver “print on demand” and produce the exact volumes required, eliminating over-runs
  • Located near some of our largest clients, which allows for pickups and deliveries on foot
  • Provide reusable dishes in the lunchroom and recycle bottles, cans, and containers
  • Use scrap paper to wrap orders or trimming and off-cuts as filler for shipping and delivery
  • Use vegetable based inks for our offset presses
  • Use waterless systems for digital and large format
  • Omission free offset press