Super Printers vs. The Competitions

It’s a new year, which means new marketing materials to make 2015 more profitable than 2014.

Over the holidays, maybe you thought trying a few online printing options would help your business save on different products that you frequently use. $16 for 100 cards? Sounds great!

But is there a catch?

Well, let’s compare an apple to an apple.  Super Printers’ price for 100 full colour two sided cards on high quality stock is $24. Sure, we’re $8 more, but here’s how we are better.

With the $16 business card special, you get 100 cards that are flimsy, non-professionally reviewed, and put through an automated system. Oh, and that’s just for one side printing. Looking for a second side in full colour? Add on $8. Want to get a thicker stock? It’ll cost you about $2 extra. With most online print stores operating out of Ontario, you’ll also have to pay extra for shipping. The shipping starts at $8 for regular shipping that can take up to two weeks for delivery. Let’s add in the tax and see what the total is. So, now you’re at $38 for what could still be a gamble of a purchase. How is it a gamble?

The gamble comes from the automated system, where that typo that was made isn’t caught, or if your design is too close to the trim marks and isn’t adjusted. Most online stores have about a 3-8 business day delay before they will put your product into production. So, about 1-2 weeks if you’re lucky and pay for the expensive shipping for it to get to you sooner. That doesn’t sound like you’re saving anything…

At Super Printers, we review EVERY file before it goes to production. If we feel that there’s too much pink or blue in the printed proof, we’ll advise you or just quickly edit the file to look beautiful and perfect every time. This ensures that only high quality, professional products leave our shop. That’s the Super Printers standard. Our average turnaround time is 1-3 business days after the artworks is approved. Which we believe is faster than any online print store.

Additional shipping charges? Not here! Unless we are couriering the product to you, there are no additional charges for shipping locally in the Lower Mainland. (We may even send one of our team members to deliver your product in person!) We notify you once you’re printing is ready for pick up.

That online store doesn’t look so great now, does it?