Do You Send Holiday Cards To Your Clients?

Do you send holiday cards to your clients? If not, you’re missing out on several annual opportunities to express your appreciation, reconnect with customers, and market your products and services. The following lists compelling reasons why you should send holiday cards to your clients this year, plus offers tips for the best holiday card presentation.

1.  Holiday cards express customer appreciation

Holiday cards represent pleasant surprises and are perfect way for expressing customer appreciation. You can design and print custom holiday cards that feature unique images, text and your company branding for any holiday.

One way to make your holiday card more meaningful is to include a handwritten note with a personal reference to each client. Another way is to give gifts to clients based on individual interests. Have a foodie client? Give away reservations at the exciting restaurant in town. A sports fan? Give away upcoming game tickets. Combined with the tangible value of holiday cards, such personalized gestures demonstrate that you listen to your clients and foster long-term customer loyalty.

2.  Holiday cards help you reconnect with customers

Holiday cards serve an excellent way for reconnecting with your customers. Premium holidays feature paper stock that lends an outstanding tactile impression, and you can take the opportunity to write a personalized note for each individual client. This helps clients understand you care and feel like VIPs, which leads to long-term business – no incentive required.

If you have hundreds of clients, it’s not practical to handwrite every holiday card note; however, you can design a portion of your holiday card to include a handwriting/script font to resemble your personal handwriting. Then, save your personal notes for your 10 to 20 best clients. In this manner you’re able to reconnect with all your clients and do so at a very personal level with your very best customers, otherwise known as the people most likely to buy from you again.

3.  Holiday cards are excellent marketing materials

Finally, holiday cards can serve as marketing materials by including special time-limited discount offers for your “VIP” clients and other incentives to buy soon. You can include coupons or coupon codes to make it easy to track your response rates. You can also employ QR codes that lead customers to your special offer online, or even your Facebook or other social media profile.

As you can see, holiday cards can be printed with a variety of purposes for a well-rounded and versatile marketing strategy. The best holiday cards achieve all three goals: they express customer appreciation, reconnect with your customers, and motivate customers to make purchases.

Ready to send holiday cards? Let’s get started.