Banner Printing


Product Description

Indoors or outdoors, spread the word about sales, fairs, trade show events and parties with Banner Printing.

Our custom vinyl banners can be used for all occasions. Durable and water-resistant, these banners work great indoors and outdoors. We offer hanging options like Grommets, so you can display your banners with pride anywhere you like.

Some benefits of Banners are:

  • Increase visibility instantly!
  • Place your company name out in the open so customers know right where you are.
  • Suitable for indoor use at trade show booths, job fairs, orientations and a host of other events.
  • Also suitable for outdoor use at parades, trade show booths, fairs and outdoor parties
  • One colour or all colours of the rainbow – same great price

We’re here to Help. We’ve been in the printing business for over 20 years and understand this business can be a little confusing and difficult at times. We want you to know that we’re here to help so feel free to contact us for assistance or drop by the shop for a visit!

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