A Frame Metal Sandwich Board


Product Description

Get more customers and raise brand awareness with a Sandwich Board.

Sandwich Boards consist of two boards that are hinged at the top and stand upright with your advertising message displayed on both sides.

Some benefits of Sandwich Boards:

  • Increase street visibility instantly!
  • Flexible solution for having anything from current campaigns on display to attention grabbing directions
  • Capture the attention of walking traffic through this form of affordable and effective side-walk advertising
  • Ideal for announcing events such as open houses, sales and promotions

Metal A Frame sandwich boards consist of a metal stand and 2 separate coroplast inserts. This option gives you the added flexibility of changing the advertising message periodically, without replacing the entire frame. Once you are ready for a new promotion, simply pull out the existing boards and slip in the new ones. This is a cost effective solution to always keep your message fresh and new. Coroplast Sandwich Board inserts are weather proof as well.

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