A Quick Printing Checklist

Want to check if your files are okay for printing? No worries!  We’ve made a quick checklist for you. For a full checklist, we’ve created a guide.

Quick Printing Checklist

  • Fonts: are included and/or outlined. This means nothing should be moveable.
  • Type: is legible and crisp. Nothing should be smaller than 6 pt if you want it to be readable.
  • Page layout: is correct. These varie project to project. Feel free to reach out if you aren’t sure.
  • Margins: are set. Safe zones are 1/8″ for digital, 3/8″ for offset.
  • Artwork: matches the specified dimensions. Some times you set up a file to be 4 in by 6 in, but when it’s submitted, it’s actually 4.25in by 5.9in.
  • Linked files: All linked files, images, and fonts are placed in separate folders.
  • Crop Marks: show where the trim lines are, not the bleed marks or safe zones.
  • Colors in CMYK mode. 

This is what a business card layout should look like: