New Lamination Finish Available

Glossy Lamination finish and Silk Lamination finish are a great way to add that extra “wow” effect to your business cards. But maybe you are looking for a textured lamination finish. Maybe you want more of a weathered leather look, or maybe you want a smooth but linen texture. Maybe you want a glossy embossed logo, but don’t want to go with a letterpress varnish. Looking to learn more about Gloss and Silk Lamination? Read this article: Introducing Soft Touch Lamination

Announcing at Super Printers three new lamination finishes:

  • Leather Finish Lamination
  • Linen Finish Lamination
  • & Embossed Finish Lamination

What can we add this lamination to?

Anything printed that you want to make an impression with.

Come visit us to see samples of this great new product at Super Printers.