How To Measure Success Of Your Print Marketing

You spend a lot of time, effort and money on your marketing campaigns. When you set them out into the world, do you know exactly how many leads each one is driving back to your business? If you want to be able to show off your results to management, try out these methods to measure the success of your print campaigns. Our marketing team can help implement any of the listed services below.

Use a unique URL to direct them to your website.

If you’re merely interested in finding out how many people follow up after receiving your print campaign by visiting your website, set up a unique URL. You can use Google Analytics to track how many people access your site using the specified URL.

Create a custom landing page.

By sending people to a custom landing page, it’s an excellent way to track how many people convert. Getting people to your website allows you to find out what they interact with and what content is the most valuable. If you have a specific call to action online, you can track how many people order from the custom page itself. For example, if you’re a clothing company and you want to offer a discount on your new spring dresses, you could have a custom landing page featuring that promotion. From there you can track how many people actually order and it helps to determine your ROI on your campaign.

Provide a discount code.

If you have someone bring back a coupon from your print marketing or offer a unique code that they can enter online, then it’s easy to track the effectiveness and know which customers are converting. It helps you to know what ads work best for your customer base and teaches you how to talk to your customers.

Track calls with custom phone numbers.

Use a phone number that allows you to easily track the leads you get by phone. If you have a toll-free number, use a specific extension for each campaign so you can track where the calls are coming from.

Ask people.

This may seem far too obvious, but it’s worth mentioning. Ask the simple question of what prompted them to give you a call. With the right system in place you can easily see where your customers are coming from and if it’s related to one of your recent marketing endeavours. For online, try sending an email to people who were direct traffic customers that aren’t repeat customers and provide them an offer if they answer your question of how they heard of you.