Introducing Soft Touch Lamination

At Super Printers many of our clients ask for ways to make their printed material stand out, and Soft Touch Lamination is among our favourite recommendations.  This is a 1.4 mil matte thermal laminating film.  The the matte side has an excellent soft touch effect as well as a high dyne level for improved printability.  This is the first film with tactile properties and presents a pleasant and intense velvety effect.

An exceptional option for products in search of a touch distinction.

This film is printable, glue-able and stamp-able. It has been widely used in the custom packing industry as well as for high-end book covers, packing prototypes, corporate brochures, business cards, product branding as well as a variety of other custom graphic solutions.

To summarize the benefits of Soft Touch Lamination:

  • Protects your printed material from wear & tear
  • Protects your printed material from the elements
  • Presents a pleasant and intense velvety effect
  • Increases the thickness of your final product

Want to know if soft touch lamination will work with your print job?  Contact us for a free quote today!

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