Four reasons why business cards are absolutely necessary

Although much of the attention from marketing is directed at the exciting digital marketing, business owners who really know effective networking and marketing know that tried-and-true methods like business cards aren’t dead.

Business cards may sound simple but they’re undeniably effective. Below are four reasons that any business looking to make a strong impression mustn’t miss out on the simple yet effective marketing abilities of the business card.

1. Business cards are still the preferred method of establishing communication with the people that matter.

The annual TED conference focuses on cutting-edge innovation with talks from leaders in tech companies explaining to a riveted audience about advancements that will revolutionize business and have lasting impact. It feels like just yesterday they were talking about 3D printing, yet today they’re already talking about 4D printing. (Who needs 3D printing when you could have 4D!) However, when those leaders want to exchange their info with the audience and with each other, they are not bumping together Samsungs or iPhones. They are using good ol’ paper business cards.

2. Business cards are less expensive per unit.

Visibility is important, but so is money. If you’re on a tight marketing budget, you should know that business cards are one of the least expensive marketing pieces – much more affordable than a brochure – and when designed well, they can make a big impact on the recipient.

Digital marketing may seem quite impressive because of its wider reach; however, you’re more likely to make a lasting impression in person and having a professional business card to leave with a potential client gives them something to remember you by.

3. Business cards create a physical connection between people.

Tangibility matters. People trust something that they can hold in their hands. And cards help to communicate what your brand is. If you’re in a creative field, you can really demonstrate your creativity here. If you’re a lawyer or a businessperson, you can communicate a sense of professionalism through a quality business card. Remember the business card scene from American Psycho? The details make the difference. The more connected we become as a society, the more these physical connections matter and are memorable.

4. Business cards allow for easy information dissemination.

People already know that if they need contact information then they can simply refer to a business card. Because everyone already knows the layout of the business card, they will be comfortable in referring to it as a problem-solving resource. Those people will likely go into their wallet or their pocket and try to find a business card that was given to them by a trusted source. That trusted source should be you.