Five Ways to Make Your Marketing Materials Last

Magazine-MockupThe best way to get more value for your marketing budget is to make your marketing materials last longer.

If you have the perfect marketable flyer, for example, distributed to your target audience with a design that catches the eye and has a clear call to action, the only way to make it better is to make it last longer. For a bigger RIO, a small investment to have your marketing materials last longer with your potential consumer can have a big impact on your sales. Marketers know that people hold onto flyers that can stay on their fridge for extended periods of time for when that person has a use for the service. It may not be today or tomorrow, but if the receiver sees value in what’s being shown, they’ll keep the flyer for future reference.

There are several tips and tricks savvy marketers know that help marketing materials stand up to wear, tear, and the weather and allow them to capitalize on that longevity to boost the return on investment. The following details five ways you can make your marketing materials last longer.

1. Lamination

Lamination Finish at Super PrintersProbably the easiest and one of the cheapest ways to make your marketing materials last longer is to have them laminated. We aren’t suggesting the lamination pouches from school, we are talking about today’s soft touch lamination. This thick, durable layer not only adds an attractive silky touch, it adds a water-resistant and weather-resistant buffer that reduces wear and tear and protects paper from every day use.
*Lamination also has a variety of options. Learn more here.

2. Print on thick paper stocks

paper stocks for printingThicker paper stocks, such as 13-point cover, are pre-coated and typically stand up well over time; however, they perform much better when they’re also laminated. This is especially useful for business cards and other heavy wear marketing materials that are routinely passed from person to person or end up in a pocket.

3. Place them in a protective sheath

Flyers and posters can be placed in protective display cases in strategic locations without losing effectiveness. In fact, if your display case is selected to complement your poster design, it can actually enhance your image and increase your return on investment as you will appear to be a bold, sophisticated, resourceful company that knows it’s target audience.

4. Post indoors

There is no rule that your flyers and posters have to be posted outdoors; at least, not all of them. You can also post them at strategic indoor distribution points to capture attention and keep them away from weather and sunlight, which can damage print marketing materials no matter how they’re coated or otherwise protected.

5. Smart storage

Many companies launch annual promotions and re-use marketing materials year after year. If this is you, be sure to shore leftover marketing materials from this year in a cool, dry place away from the environment. Nothing is worse than leaving your brochures out in the sun and opening the package a year later to find them yellowed and crispy. Make sure moisture doesn’t get to them either, so they do not get wet, flimsy, have the ink run or get moldy; and keep them away from areas animals can get in to them.