Election Campaign Printing Services

There`s just over one month until city election in British Columbia – the perfect time to get your message out to the voters.

election campaign printing

Now is the perfect time to get your election campaign printing.

The largest cost items of any election campaign, especially a local or regional campaign, is your printing bill. You’re going to have to get a lot of information from your campaign office out to the public in your community.

Chances are it’s going to be by flyers, posters, handbills, door knockers, lawn signs, letters, all of which need to be printed. Your neighbourhood printer, Super Printers, can help keep your budget in check. We can also help you manage your social media to help extend your reach beyond the mailbox.

Don’t be shy and ask us about ways to decrease the price in a project. Maybe we can suggest a different paper or a different format to maximize the paper. We don`t see it as a political statement. It’s simply saying that you are supporting the people in your community that you are asking to support you.

Come meet with our team to see how we can help you get your message out to more supporters in your city.