Custom Envelopes

At Super Printers, we’re redefining the envelope.

When our client came to us asking for a unique and sleek envelope, our design team couldn’t wait to start working on the concept. The team knew a standard #10 business envelope wasn’t going to work for the client. The customer knew they wanted matte black and possibly white ink for their branding. The keywords the customer used were: sleek, impressive and intriguing.

In the creative den, the designers thought of die cutting through an envelope, custom cutting, silver foiling the logo, using a silver ink base and then hitting the envelopes again with white ink. Unfortunately, the team felt that they were only meeting 2 of 3 for the keywords. A bit more brainstorming and coffee lead them to a solution that was a tremendous success.

After presenting the concept to the client, they couldn’t wait to see the finished product.


Our team came up with using black cardstock that was unfinished, uncoated and had a smooth, fibrous texture. Instead of using the initially requested white ink, they went with a Foil, Emboss and Die Cut with glue combination. Knowing the different medias that were going to be put inside of the envelope made it easier to create the exclusive size. This envelope was completely custom-made and was exactly what the customer was looking for.

How did we make this envelope?

The first step was cutting the envelope out. In today’s modern age, the letterpress is still the most effective method (compared to using scissors and hand cutting each sheet one by one or in a guillotine that doesn’t allow for corners).

We made a custom die that was in the unique shape of the envelope. This piece of wood goes into our letterpress and cuts out the shape onto the sheets.


The second step was the embossing. We needed to make the embossing stamp. There’s both a male and a female stamp. When we put the paper through the letterpress, each sheet of paper would get “stamped” with the embossed image. To make the image glossy, we add some varnish to the female plate.


After a few hours of work, lots of press time (and glue!), the customer couldn’t be happier with their envelopes.