Corporate Holiday Card Tips

15 Holiday Card Tips to build better business relationships

Christmas Card Design-HolidayGreetings

Holiday cards are excellent tools that can bolster client relationships, express customer appreciation, and foster long-term loyalty. However, not all holiday cards are created equal; in fact, generic holiday cards typically warrant little more than an afterthought. The key to success is to add meaning to your holiday cards. The following lists tips for printing and sending meaningful holiday cards your customers will love, which in turn leads to long-term business relationships.

1. Include a handwritten note

You don’t have to hand-write all of your holiday card, but a handwritten note after the body copy can go a long way toward making your holiday cards more meaningful.

2. Add personalized photos

Don’t settle for generic stock holiday landscapes; instead, personalize your holiday cards with photos of you, your family, or your team.

3. Handwritten envelopes

Personally address your holiday card envelopes. Not only will this make your presentation more meaningful, it will also increase open rates. Have too many to hand-write? Opt for a handwriting font instead. Our favourite for Christmas 2016 is Quintus.

4. Include a personalized gift

Does your best client enjoy dining out? Include a gift certificate to a well-known restaurant. Do they like a local sports team? Include two tickets to an upcoming game.

5. Divide your mailing lists

You want to send holiday cards to all your customers and contacts, but if your list is large you might not have time to hand-write notes or the budget to include gifts to all of them. Divide your mailing list in two: one for your best customers and contacts, which you’ll personalize, and one to the rest of your contacts, who will receive your “standard” holiday card. This is a great method to save time and acknowledge everyone on your list.

6. Print custom holiday cards

Make your brand prominent and your holiday cards more meaningful with custom printing. You don’t even have to stress too much when you use Super Printers’ 2016 Christmas Collection!

Holiday Card Tips7. Have everyone sign it

Have your entire team or all your family members sign your holiday cards to make them more meaningful. You can have everyone pre-sign a sheet of paper and we can scan it for printing.

8. Ask about your customers

Recall each specific relationship and ask how their families and children are doing, whether they’re meeting specific stated goals, or otherwise demonstrate you not only remember them but care about how they’re doing. This added touch will only strengthen your professional relationship.

9. Simply thank them

A simple thank-you note – particularly for specific purchases – can go a long way toward making your holiday cards more meaningful. Avoid using cliché phrases like: “Thank you for your business, we appreciate it!”

10. Do not market promotions

While a holiday card is one of the last times you can send a message for 2016, resist the urge to turn your holiday cards into direct-sales tools. Instead, use the opportunity to bolster customer relationships, which will lead to more business on its own.

11. Send a tip

Do you have a helpful tip you know a specific customer can use? Include it in their holiday card! Recipes can also serve as helpful tips for the right audience.

12. Show their impact

Do you donate to charity around the holidays? Take a photo and tell customers what you did – and make sure they know you couldn’t have done it without them! Make your customers the driving force behind your charitable deeds, especially if they inspired the donation.

Notepad13. Add in a freebie

You might offer a freebie that will help your customers achieve their goals. Perhaps a mini-booklet on how to throw the perfect Christmas party or a notepad and pencil to start off 2017 on a good “note”. Just make sure your freebie is relevant to your audience and your business.

14. Send holiday-specific cards

What holidays do your customers celebrate? If you know, send cards for those specific holidays: Christmas cards, for example, Kwanza and Hanukkah cards.

15. Turn them into VIP invitations

Do you host or sponsor a holiday event, such as a New Year’s Eve bash? Turn your holiday cards into invitation cards with VIP perks for your best customers. Consider having an open house and using your holiday card as a way to invite your customers to a special evening at your establishment.

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