3 Super-Easy Marketing Ideas

marketing-consultantIn an era of Big Data, analytics and digital tracking, it’s easy to get overwhelmed with all of the marketing options available – and even easier to miss opportunities to promote your products and services to the right audience and grow your business. Sometimes, it’s best to take the simplest approach, as evidenced by the following three super-easy marketing ideas. Each has a proven track record of success that has carried over through the digital age.

Thankfully, Super Printers has made a list of 3 Super-Easy Marketing Ideas

1.  Local banner marketing

Large-format vinyl banners are cheap to print and easy to post – all you have to do is find a prominent location, such as the curbside by a busy intersection or the side of a building near a crowded shopping district. Farmers Markets, high school sports events and even niche-targeted areas such as skate parks and/or coffee shops are excellent locations for banner marketing. All you have to do is create a quick banner design, print it, and post it!

2.  Postcard marketing

There is perhaps no better way to reach customers who are likely to buy than direct-mail postcard marketing. Super Printers can help build a mailing list of people who match your best customer demographics, and have your postcards printed, addressed and mailed completely hands-free. What’s easier than that?

3.  Calendar marketing

Upload a few photos for customization, then have your calendars printed and delivered or mailed directly to your customers for 365-day marketing in just a few clicks. Print calendars that are relevant to your customer base and your business for best results.